Word Clouds

Word clouds are very useful and beneficial visual tool. They are made and generated based on how many times the word is used in the article. Since I had a topic that was in the political area, I chose to use the colors of red and blue when designing my word cloud. After my online word generator calculated the words and the count for me, I got to move words around and place them. The bolder words are the words that were used most frequently while the smaller words were used less. I chose to use the shape of a “thumbs up,” because we as Americans should be positive about the State of the Union Address. I thought the online generator was very user friendly. All I had to do was copy and paste the state of the union address into the generator and then hit calculate. It basically does all the work for you. After then, you style your word cloud the way you like. After viewing the results of my word cloud image, I realized the words “America,” “Tax,” “Year,” “New” and “People” were the most used. This did not surprise me since this was President Trump’s State of the Union Address. To follow these words were “Family,” Congress,” “Country,” “Home” and “Job.” Those were not to my surprise as well since he should have talked about all of those things. I think these are great tools to use because it reveals the main points and keeps it to the essentials. In today’s world, we are all about fast and easy. With word clouds, you can quickly scan over the visual to get the point. They are also a way to engage your audience. Word clouds are simply fun to make and fun to use.


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