Last Spring Break, Best Spring Break

Being a senior at Auburn University and being on the brink of entering into the real world, where I will have to learn how to adult, where I will have to establish myself professionally, where there will not be a week-long vacation that my friends and I take on whim has me focusing on my very last spring break. This one last spring break is going to be the best yet. To ensure that this one last time of spending the week getting tanned and laughing constantly will be the best, I have came up with the perfect plan.  

First, my friends and I had to figure out who all was going to go. So, we all got together, talked, and invited the other people that we would want to come. We ended up having fourteen of us going total, both boys and girls. Then, of course, the destination came next. We chose to keep this one last spring break a classic with going to good ole Destin, Florida. After establishing our current situation and getting the room booked, we could move on to planning the fun stuff.  

Having fun and making the best memories is what the main goal of our spring break trip 2018 is! For us to achieve our main goal, we had to lay some ground work and establish some objectives. The first objective is there will be no arguing with each other the whole time we are at the beach. No matter how tired we get of each other, we need to remember that this is our last spring break together. Secondly, we will laugh constantly at each other, at other people and whatever dumb thing we end up doing through our week in Destin. Thirdly, we will take at least ten pictures together every day to document this one last bash.  

As far as strategies go, for the first objective, we will walk away if one of us starts to get irritated with another friend. Another strategy would be just dropping whatever conversation or action started the irritation in the first place. For the second objective, we will have the mind-set that we always have while together: be in a laughing mood. The strategy for the third objective is to have the camera with us at all times. Another strategy is being on the lookout for cute picture opportunities.  

Next, for my spring break plan comes the tactics. To follow the first strategy, we will use the tactics of after walking away to take some time to have for yourself, like going for a walk on the beach or whatever that particular person does to relax. The tactic for the second strategy will be making literally everything funny and our being goofy. However, this will not be forced because the best things happen naturally. The tactic for the third strategy will be to pose for every picture opportunity we see. We also will all rotate out of who took the picture so everyone will be in a bunch.  

With every good and perfect plan comes the evaluation stage. I would evaluate this whole spring break trip by the memories made, by the pictures we all have to look back on, by our sun-kissed skin that we got while laying out all day, by remembering the conversation had and laughs that took place, and by looking back and realizing that nobody had a heated moment. Plans sometimes have to be altered when the ball gets rolling and if that needs to happen, we can make some adjustments, but regardless, this is going to be the last and best spring break of my college years!   

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