Learn to Love the Process

Sam Ahl at Downtown Auburn, AL.

We have all been there. We have lived that season of life when the pressure starts to build. It’s kind of like when the ocean’s currents push hard in and pull even harder out. You are tossed around and messed with.

Decisions—it’s a mind game. It’s people throwing their opinions in the mix, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

“It can be just simply blocking out yourself from your own head, blocking out other people’s opinions, and stripping all of those things away to step in faith. To follow your heart and trust the process,” says Sam Ahl.

Sam, a junior at Auburn University majoring in Marketing, chose to step out of her comfort zone and moved 949 miles away from home, which is Minneapolis, Minnesota. She left everything she once knew. She traded in normal and comfortable for the not-so-normal and uncomfortable.

A decision that was not easy for her to make has turned into one of the best choices of her life.

“It is crazy to think about what all I have gained from one small, but huge decision I made to come to Auburn, Alabama. I never would have met my best friends. I never would have a built a stronger relationship with my family. Nor would I have found my niche and purpose. And those are just some things. I could go on with more!”

Since moving to Auburn, Sam has gotten to experience so much, like warm winters and southern food. “In Minnesota, we don’t eat anything fried, but in Alabama, people find a way to fry everything,” says Sam. She has gotten to broaden her horizons with sweet tea, boiled peanuts, all the yes ma’ams and no sirs to everyone, and of course, SEC football.

At Auburn, she has found her home-away-from-home. She has fallen in love with The Plains, where she gets to be a part of the Auburn family and traditions. Rolling Toomers and using “War Eagle” as a way to say hey to people she passes on the concourse is a way of life. She has learned that Aubie is the best mascot in the United States, and she and her friends scream “bodda getta” to the top of their lungs.

Sam Ahl and friends on Samford lawn.

Sam says, “Auburn has been way more than just a university that is setting me up for my future career. It has been the place to mold me and has given me so much. It’s the place where I have met my best friends. It’s the place where me and Connor Casey are inseparable and laugh at everything. It’s the place where I finally decided what career path was for me. It’s the place where I found my relationship with Jesus.”

Her family back in Minnesota has benefitted greatly from her coming to Auburn as well. They have gotten to come experience the southern culture and Auburn traditions. “One decision I made my senior year in high school has changed the whole culture and tone of my family,” says Sam. Her decision to move and decisions she has been making since she has been here have been affecting her family. Not only has she grown closer to God, but her family has also.

“Life is full of decisions and making choices, but coming to Auburn has taught me not to be fearful of the unknown. Instead, I place everything I am and now know into a place where God has gone before and behind me. I now trust the process, and trust me, this ride has been more than I could have ever fathomed,” says Sam.

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