Auburn Students Choose “The Life Unmeasured”

College is a time of personal discovery. This is one such story of discovery for a group four Auburn students. They called their adventure “The Life Unmeasured.”

“We were camping in Maroon Bells, Colorado. As it got dark, the stars came out, creating the only light because there were no lights for miles. I have never been more in awe of how many stars there are. In that moment, I felt so small, but then realized that God put those stars here for His glory and my standing there in awe of the creation He made was exactly why He had made them. He didn’t need us to worship Him because he has all of creation to do that, but in his unimaginable grace, he wanted us in our own feeble efforts to praise him and give him glory for who he is,” said Stephen Ray.This photo was taken by Stephen Ray at Maroon Bella Colorado

Photo was taken by Stephen Ray at Maroon Bella Colorado.

Two years ago, Jeremy Oyler, Auburn University senior in Mechanical Engineering, and Justin Oyler, twin of Jeremy and Auburn University senior in Electrical Engineering, had it laid on their heart to do something much bigger than the both of them. The twins both love adventure and wanted to travel to meet new people to leave a positive impact on the world.

“The passion behind this stems from our faith and love in Jesus. This moment really came at a time where we began to realize just how precious life really is because our younger brother’s life was taken prematurely around the same time,” says Jeremy Oyler.

A year later the twins’ dreams started becoming a reality. They instantly began looking into buying a bus on Craigslist, but more questions loomed. How would these 21-year-old guys going to do this? Did they want to buy a new bus or a “fixer upper”? Fixer upper, it was!

Over the process, the twins met Stephen Ray, Auburn University senior in Finance and Daniel Lawson, Auburn University freshman in Journalism, and the crew grew. The trip finally got into motion as the boys spent countless hours fundraising. Long nights were spent renovating the bus, which added up to literal blood, sweat, and tears. They renovated the bus all the while keeping up with school, work, and family obligations.

The boys named this adventure “The Life Unmeasured,” which embodied a deeper meaning to them: “Leadership, adventure, getting out of your comfort zone, and growing as a person physically, spiritually, and mentally into somebody who will make a difference in this generation and future generations. Our lives aren’t measured by the standards of society. It’s about knowing that whatever life throws at you, you WILL overcome it. You can laugh in the face of adversity because you know that the war has already been won through our savior, Jesus Christ. So, don’t hold back! Live a Life Unmeasured!” said the boys.

This is a picture of Justin Oyler. Photo was taken by Jeremy Oyler at Horseshoe Bend in Paige, Arizona.

They decided to take their trip out West to places like Colorado, California, Canada, and everywhere in between for six weeks that started on June 11, 2017, and ended on July 22, 2017. They traveled to 19 different states, experiencing and seeing amazing things. The boys went on an adventure, and what they thought was a big deal got bigger. Their perspectives altered and lives changed.

“This trip gave us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in new cultures and amazing places we have never been to before, ultimately giving us a more diverse outlook on life. We also felt called to carry out an outreach mission during the trip to spread the word of Jesus and to just be a light to people in need,” says Justin.

“If you have the heart to do something, nothing is impossible for you! Chasing your dreams will really go a long way in developing you into a difference maker,” says Jeremey.

Photo taken in the Antelope Canyon.


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